Introduction: Norway and South Korea

Last updated: 09.08.2013 //

Diplomatic relations with South Korea: Established 1959

Norway and the Republic of Korea celebrated their 50th anniversary for diplomatic relations in 2009. The relationship between the two nations has been strong since the Korean War, when Norway contributed with medical personnel.  Economic and trade relations have greatly increased. South Korea is Norway’s 4th largest export market for products like ships, petroleum etc., after the EU, USA and China.

The relationship between Norway and South Korea been dominated by ship building and shipping interests. Norwegian companies also show increasing interests for other parts of the Korean market, especially within the IT-sector. Export of fish, especially salmon and mackerel, has risen greatly.

Negotiations about a free shipping agreement between EFTA and South Korea were concluded in July 2005. The commencement of the agreement (September 2006) has stimulated increased trade between Norway and South Korea, especially the fishing export.

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