Here you can find information about the staff at the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate in Busan and the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Political and Economic Section

Ms Marianne Damhaug, Chargé d’affaires a.i.;

Mr Joon Grane Hetland, First Secretary;

Ms Yoo Yeunkyung, Senior Adviser;

Mr André Bertil Kristian Holthe, Executive Officer;

Ms Nora Callander, Trainee;


Press, Information and Cultural Section

Ms Chun Juri, Senior Cultural Officer;

Ms Aasa Elise Hamre, Trainee;


Administrative Section

Ms Mona Budal, First Secretary;

Mr Kim Arnold Youngwoo, Administrative officer;

Mr Lee Chong-won, Administrative officer;

Ms Ha Sunghee, Receptionist;

Ms Cho Minn-A, Executive Secretary to the Ambassador;

Ms Baek Ellie Hyeyoun, Visa Officer;


Commercial Section

Mr Harald Naevdal, Commercial Counsellor;

Mr Choi Chang-an, Senior Market Adviser;

Mr Kim Dooseok, Senior Market Adviser;


Norwegian Seafood Council

Mr Henrik Vikjær Andersen, Counsellor of Seafood Promotion (office in Tokyo)


Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate in Busan

Ms Kim Jieun, Secretary

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