Here you can find information about the staff at the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate in Busan and the Norwegian Seafood Council.


Ambassador Torbjørn Holthe;


Political Section


Mr Sigbjørn Tenfjord, Deputy Head of Mission;

Mrs Tove Soldal Vaughan, First Secretary;

Ms Baek Ellie Hyeyoun, Executive Secretary to the Ambassador;

Ms Yoo Yeunkyung, Senior Adviser;

Ms Chun Juri, Senior Cultural Officer;

Mr Kim Arnold Youngwoo, Administrative officer;

Mr Lee Chong-won, Administrative officer;

Ms Ha Sunghee, Receptionist;

Mr André Bertil Kristian Holthe, Executive Officer;

Mr Vegard Oppebøen, Trainee;

Mr Aron Kristoffer Rolfsen, Trainee


Commercial Section


Mr Bjørn Bjørnsen, Commercial Counsellor;

Ms Lee Kilwon, Senior Market Adviser;

Mr Choi Chang-an, Market Adviser;

Mr Kim Dooseok, Market Adviser;


Norwegian Seafood Council


Mr Henrik Vikjær Andersen, Counsellor of Seafood Promotion (office in Tokyo)


Royal Norwegian Honorary Consulate in Busan



Mr Axel Stang Lund, Honorary Consul;

Ms Kim Jieun, Secretary to the Honorary Consul

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